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4700 Coal Avenue SE
Albuquerque, NM 87108 Map

Phone: (505) 265-3711

Fax: (505) 348-8503

Staff Directory


Abney, Alicia Principal
Barnhill, John (505) 265-3711 ex.26245 Athletics Director
Baty, Rayetta Principal
Clark, Brian Assistant Principal
Harris, Marco Principal
Landis, Justin (505) 265-3711 ex.26010 Activities Director
Martinez, Lupe Principal


Allen, Dana (505) 265-3711 ex.26426 Science Teacher and Swim Coach
Armstrong, Sean (505) 265-3711 ex.25202 AVID Teacher
Baldwin, David (505) 265-3711 ex.26445 Language Arts Teacher
Baldwin, Mary (505) 265-3711 ex.26042 Special Education Teacher
Betsch, Lionel (505) 265-3711 ex.26334 Language Arts Teacher
Borkenhagen, Gale (505) 265-3711 ex.26396 Science Teacher
Brown, Danny (505) 265-3711 ex.26467 Special Education Teacher
Carreon, Paty (505) 265-3711 ex.26447 World Languages Teacher
Cline, Deborah (505) 265-3711 ex.26098 CTE Teacher
Coffey, Bob (505) 265-3711 ex.26449 Gifted Teacher (Special Education)
Collins, Farris (505) 265-3711 ex.26097 Piano / Chorus Teacher
Dubois, Sandra (505) 265-3711 ex.26374 Social Studies Teacher
Farrah, Frances (505) 265-3711 ex.26442 Special Education Teacher
Forward, Melinda (505) 265-3711 ex.26443 World Languages Teacher (French)
Frausto, Robert (505) 265-3711 ex.25214 Social Studies Teacher
Garcia, Benjamin (505) 265-3711 ex.26394 Science Teacher
Guzman, Luis (505) 265-3711 ex.26352 Math/Science Teacher
Hagen, Delbert (505) 265-3711 ex.26089 Special Education Math Teacher
Hawkins, Heidi (505) 265-3711 ex.26339 Special Education Teacher
Hennings, Martha (505) 265-3711 ex.26451 Gifted Teacher (Special Education)
Herrera, Maria (505) 265-3711 ex.26277 CTE Teacher
James, Emily (505) 265-3711 ex.25200 Health Teacher
Juarez, Michael (505) 265-3711 ex.26061 Special Education Teacher
Ledoux, Raymond (505) 265-3711 ex.26341 Language Arts Teacher
Leen, Mlucia (505) 265-3711 ex.26446 World Languages Teacher (Spanish)
Loving, Joey (505) 265-3711 ex.26462 CTE Teacher
Malik, Tanvir (505) 265-3711 ex.26290/25207 Health/Science Teacher
Marquez, Renee (505) 265-3711 ex.26012 Special Education Head Teacher
Mcguire, Heather (505) 265-3711 ex.25212 Language Arts Teacher
Monaghan, Gordon (505) 265-3711 ex.26481 Social Studies Teacher
Murray, Andrew (505) 265-3711 ex.26272 Physical Education Teacher
Nez, Ramona (505) 265-3711 ex.25219 Language Arts Teacher
Oyler, Rebecca (505) 265-3711 ex.25203 Social Studies and English Teacher
Schmitz, Sarah (505) 265-3711 ex.26360 Math Teacher & Volleyball Coach
Seth, Stephen (505) 265-3711 ex.26373 Teacher
Sievert, Jason (505) 265-3711 ex.26075 CTE Teacher - Auto
Snyder, Terrance (505) 265-3711 ex.25211 Social Studies Teacher
Tarangelo, Richard (505) 265-3711 ex.26425 Special Education Teacher
Tiwald, William (505) 265-3711 ex.26114 Language Arts Teacher
Velazquez, Robert (505) 265-3711 ex.26082 Trainer
Virtue, Scott (505) 265-3711 ex.26448 Language Arts Teacher
Washington, Stacy (505) 265-3711 ex.26098 CTE/PE Teacher
Zimmermann, Rebeca (505) 265-3711 ex.26033 Newspaper / Yearbook / Language Arts Teacher


Dang, Thu (505) 265-3711 Educational Assistant
Gutierrez, Leo (505) 265-3711 Custodian
Herrera, Samantha Educational Assistant
Maestas, Carol (505) 265-3711 ex.26004 Administrative Asst - 10th Grade
Martinez, Maria (505) 265-3711 ex.26025 Assistant Principal - 9th and 10th Grade Academies
Martinez, Stephanie Educational Assistant
Miller, Kathleen (505) 265-3711 ex.26064 Educational Assistant - Library
Olave, Ernesto Custodian
Otero-toledo, Isabel Educational Assistant
Palmer, Paul Educational Assistant
Pohl, Valerie (505) 265-3711 ex.26018 Administrative Asst - Counseling
Sanchez, Ramon Custodian
Stewart, John (505) 265-3711 ex.26039 Educational Assistant - Hornet's Nest
Wellbourn, Laurence Educational Assistant
White, Victor Educational Assistant
Williams, Angelika (505) 265-3711 ex.26047 Community Support Liaison - Family Center