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Contact John Barnhill  John Barnhill (505) 265-3711 ex: 26245 Athletics Director
Contact Marco Harris  Marco Harris (505) 265-3711 ex: 26005 Principal
Contact Justin Landis  Justin Landis (505) 265-3711 ex: 26010 Activities Director
Contact Lupe Martinez  Lupe Martinez (505) 265-3711 ex: 26025 Assistant Principal
Contact Eliza Romero  Eliza Romero (505) 265-3711 ex: 26014 Assistant Principal
Contact Sean Armstrong  Sean Armstrong (505) 265-3711 ex: 25202 S.S. Teacher/Football Coach
Contact David Baldwin  David Baldwin (505) 265-3711 ex: 26445 Language Arts Teacher
Contact Mary Baldwin  Mary Baldwin (505) 265-3711 ex: 26042 Special Education Teacher
Contact Carloyn Blea  Carloyn Blea Teacher
Contact Craig Branch  Craig Branch Teacher
Contact Kathleen Branch  Kathleen Branch Teacher
Contact Stephen Chavez  Stephen Chavez Teacher
Contact Robert Coffey  Robert Coffey (505) 265-3711 ex: 26449 Gifted Teacher (Special Education)
Contact Farris Collins  Farris Collins (505) 265-3711 ex: 26097 Piano / Chorus Teacher
Contact Irma Correa-Long  Irma Correa-Long (505) 265-3711 ex: 26217 PE Teacher
Contact Buckner Creel  Buckner Creel Teacher
Contact Sandra Dubois  Sandra Dubois (505) 265-3711 ex: 26374 Social Studies Teacher
Contact Yaser El Shenawy  Yaser El Shenawy Teacher
Contact Robert Feuer  Robert Feuer Teacher
Contact Kristin Foster  Kristin Foster (505) 265-3711 ex: 26489 Teacher
Contact Robert Frausto  Robert Frausto (505) 265-3711 ex: 25214 Social Studies Teacher
Contact Lindsay Glover  Lindsay Glover (505) 265-3711 ex: 26372 Teacher
Contact Nicole Golich  Nicole Golich Teacher
Contact Ramon Gomez  Ramon Gomez Teacher
Contact Josephine Gonzales  Josephine Gonzales (505) 265-3711 ex: 26096 Band Director, Music Teacher
Contact Luis Guzman  Luis Guzman (505) 265-3711 ex: 26352 Math/Science Teacher
Contact Delbert Hagen  Delbert Hagen (505) 265-3711 ex: 26089 Special Education Math Teacher
Contact Dene Hagen  Dene Hagen Teacher
Contact Martha Hennings  Martha Hennings (505) 265-3711 ex: 26451 Gifted Teacher (Special Education)
Contact Maria Herrera  Maria Herrera (505) 265-3711 ex: 26277 CTE Teacher
Contact Samantha Herrera  Samantha Herrera Teacher
Contact Elizabeth Hughart  Elizabeth Hughart Teacher
Contact Gabriela Irwin  Gabriela Irwin Teacher
Contact William Lane  William Lane Teacher
Contact Marcos Lopez-Vasquez  Marcos Lopez-Vasquez (505) 265-3711 ex: 26353/26395 Teacher
Contact Philip Lovato  Philip Lovato Teacher
Contact Nicholas Madrid  Nicholas Madrid Teacher
Contact Shannon Marrs  Shannon Marrs Teacher
Contact Richard Martinez  Richard Martinez (505) 265-3711 ex: 26443 Special Education Teacher
Contact Jylena Mccrea  Jylena Mccrea Teacher
Contact Heather Mcguire  Heather Mcguire (505) 265-3711 ex: 25212 Language Arts Teacher
Contact Gordon Monaghan  Gordon Monaghan (505) 265-3711 ex: 26481 Social Studies Teacher
Contact Camilo Montano  Camilo Montano Teacher
Contact THOMAS MOPPERT  THOMAS MOPPERT (505) 265-3711 ex: 26063 Librarian
Contact Andrew Murray  Andrew Murray (505) 265-3711 ex: 26272 Physical Education Teacher
Contact Lonnie Neal  Lonnie Neal Teacher
Contact Juan Ortega  Juan Ortega Teacher
Contact Ann Paulls-Neal  Ann Paulls-Neal Teacher
Contact Daniel Paz-Rudolph  Daniel Paz-Rudolph Teacher
Contact Michael Platt  Michael Platt (505) 265-3711 ex: 26494 Teacher
Contact Dominic Pritzl  Dominic Pritzl Teacher
Contact Catherine Reed  Catherine Reed Teacher
Contact Aaron Roose  Aaron Roose (505) 265-3711 ex: 26442 Teacher
Contact Lena Russell  Lena Russell Teacher
Contact Jessica Salazar-Chatt  Jessica Salazar-Chatt Teacher
Contact Sarah Schmitz  Sarah Schmitz (505) 265-3711 ex: 26360 Math Teacher & Volleyball Coach
Contact Stephen Seth  Stephen Seth (505) 265-3711 ex: 26373 Teacher
Contact Matthew Singleton  Matthew Singleton (505) 265-3711 ex: 26426 Science Teacher
Contact Terrance Snyder  Terrance Snyder (505) 265-3711 ex: 25211 Social Studies Teacher
Contact Bethany Spratley  Bethany Spratley Teacher
Contact Theodore Stearns  Theodore Stearns Teacher
Contact Richard Tarangelo  Richard Tarangelo (505) 265-3711 ex: 26425 Special Education Teacher
Contact Michael Thomas  Michael Thomas Teacher
Contact Robert Velazquez  Robert Velazquez (505) 265-3711 ex: 26082 Trainer
Contact Omar Villanueva  Omar Villanueva Teacher
Contact Scott Virtue  Scott Virtue (505) 265-3711 ex: 26448 Language Arts Teacher
Contact Stacy Washington  Stacy Washington (505) 265-3711 ex: 26098 CTE/PE Teacher
Contact Rebeca Zimmermann  Rebeca Zimmermann (505) 265-3711 ex: 26033 Newspaper / Yearbook / Language Arts Teacher
Contact Demetria Burrell  Demetria Burrell Bookkeeper
Contact Frank Griego  Frank Griego Staff
Contact Leo Gutierrez  Leo Gutierrez (505) 265-3711 Custodian
Contact Lisa Hoffmann  Lisa Hoffmann Staff
Contact Gabby Irwin  Gabby Irwin Staff
Contact Stephanie Martinez  Stephanie Martinez Educational Assistant
Contact Michaela McConnaughey  Michaela McConnaughey Educational Assistant
Contact Ernesto Olave  Ernesto Olave Custodian
Contact Paul Palmer  Paul Palmer Educational Assistant
Contact Gulsoom Qurbanzada  Gulsoom Qurbanzada Educational Assistant
Contact Patricio Romero-Campos  Patricio Romero-Campos Staff
Contact Ramon Sanchez  Ramon Sanchez Custodian
Contact Victor White  Victor White Educational Assistant
Contact Kim Wicketts  Kim Wicketts Staff
Contact Justin Woody  Justin Woody Dean of Students
Contact Melissa Zerbst  Melissa Zerbst (505) 265-3711 ex: 26336 College and Career Counselor