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What Grade am I in?

Students often ask "What grade am I in?" The student's grade classification is determined by credits. Grade classification is not determined by age or how long you are in school.
You only receive credit when you pass your classes with a D- or better.

  • When you earn 6 credits, you will be classified as a sophomore (10th grade).
  • When you earn 13 credits, you will be classified as a junior (11th grade).
  • When you earn 19 credits, you will be classified as a senior (12th grade).
  • 25 credits are required for graduation.

Didn't pass a class?

It happened. You failed a class, and now have to figure out the best way to recover the credit so you can graduate on time.  We have options for you to recover your credits. Meet with your school counselor to make a plan. Here are some recovery options:

  1. eCademy
  2. APS Summer School

Option 1: eCademy

eCademy, is an online recovery program where students independently work on their own to recover credits. The cost of recovering a course is $25.00 per semester.  

  • eCADEMY classes are not “at your own pace.” Students must work a minimum of one hour per day and are encouraged to work ahead, but students who fall behind may put themselves in danger of being dropped from the class or failing the class.
  • Students will complete their work remotely and complete their finals in person.
  • Attendance is very important at eCADEMY. A student who does not log in to their courses after TEN (10) consecutive days will be dropped from that class.
  • Students may register for a maximum of TWO (2) classes at a time. If students complete their classes before eCADEMY’s registration deadline, the student may speak to their counselor to request additional courses.
  • Students may not concurrently register for both semesters of the same math or science class. (i.e. Students may not concurrently register for semester 1 and 2 of Algebra 1.)
  • Students are strongly discouraged from concurrently registering for both semesters of all other classes, such as History or English.

Option 2: APS Summer School

Summer School has both face to face recovery options and online recovery options.  Pre-registration for summer typically takes place in April. 

Graduation Requirements

  • English: 4.0 credits
  • Mathematics: 4.0 credits
  • Social Studies: 3.5 credits
  • U.S History and Geography: (1.0)
  • World History and Geography: (1.0)
  • Government: (0.5)
  • Economics: (0.5)
  • New Mexico History: (0.5)
  • Science: 3.0 credits
  • Physical Education: 1.0 credit
  • Health: 0.5 credit
  • Electives:  8.0 credits
  • Career or Workplace Readiness or Language other than English: 1.0
  • Total: 25 credits

At least one credit taken by a student must be Honors, Advanced Placement, Dual Enrollment, or Distance Learning. These courses may be courses taken to satisfy any of the other credit requirements in addition to this requirement.

APS Graduation Information


It is very important that parents and students are checking their ParentVUE and StudentVUE so they can check grades, pay student fees, email teachers/staff, and much more!

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