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Eligibility for Fall Semester:

Eligibility will be based on grades from the first six week grading period.

No failing grades and you must have a 2.0 or Higher.

High School Grading Periods

The year is divided up into six 6-week grading periods. 

Traditional Calendar High School Grading Periods

Grading Period    Grading Period End Date
First 6 Weeks Sept. 18, 2020
Second 6 Weeks  Nov. 2, 2020
Third 6 Weeks Dec. 18, 2020

Semester Grades 

For Second Semester  




All Sports to start Workouts on October 5- Check with your coaches

First Semester Sports:

Boys and Girls Cross Country - October 5, 2020

Boys and Girls Fall Golf - October 5, 2020

Girls Volleyball - October 5, 2020

Second Semester Sports:

Boys and Girls Basketball - January 4, 2021

Boys and Girls Swimming - January 4, 2021

Cheer - January 4, 2021

Boys and Girls Soccer - February 15, 2021

Football - February 22, 2021

Cheer State Competition - March 26-27, 2021

Baseball and Softball - April 5, 2021

Boys and Girls Spring Golf - April 5, 2021

Boys and Girls Tennis - April 5, 2021

Boys and Girls Track - April 5, 2021

Boys and Girls Wrestling - April 5, 2021


October Athletic Schedule

Athletes new to Highland must have a sports physical. Please use the form  -Physical Form for "New" To Highland Students

athletes returning to highland must complete -  Nmaa pre-participation exam waiver form 

please hand in all forms to Daniel Paz, athletic Trainer,

Group photo of students in the team spirit

Charter Students wanting to participate at Highland High School must live within the attendance area of Highland High School.  Charter students must still register as a non-attending student in our Counseling Office.  

Charter students must provide a completed athletic physical to the Athletic Trainer and contact the coach for team selection dates.

All Coach contacts are on the Highland Athletic Web page under the sport.  Links are also provided below.

Freshman Academic Eligibility

All incoming ninth graders are immediately eligible in high school for the first semester.  

Second semester of freshman year is based on grades from first semester. 

Highland High School is the only Albuquerque Public High School to have the Pixallot Camera Live Feed Streaming system for all home Volleyball, Basketball, Wrestling and Soccer Games.   The state of the art Athletic Event production cameras will live feed all events on the Soccer field and Main Gym.  These athletic events will be available live on our NFHS Highland High School web channel.  Some events require a subscription to watch live and some do not require the subscription.  The subscription also is a contribution to the Athletic Department and goes to fund varsity letters and certificates.  Several days after the paid events all broadcasts will be available for free.  Support the Hornet Teams.

Every Highland Athlete must register online. 

Athletes will only need to complete the registration once for the entire year even if they participate in multiple sports. 

To complete the Highland Online Registration each athlete must complete the "Life of an Athlete" and NHSF: Concussion Course. 

Each Athlete will be required to provide the completion certificate number for both courses on the Highland Online Athlete Registration. 

Life of an Athlete 

Concussions for Students Course